300 to 36

Meanwhile i suffering some flu (not the best timing), things getting pretty awesome.
The opening show for KA300 is on 20 of June. 40.000 tickets already sold „sold out“.
I am really excited and cant wait to see my artwork on the castle of Karlsruhe. Not giving you all the details right now :). Also the whole 90min Show with several artist and production teams is going to be nuts.

Unfortunately the preparations and the show himself is not giving me the possibility to attend the openning oft the „Quai 36“ project, 11 of June in Paris Gare du Nord.
The minister for culture, Mrs. Fleur PELLERIN, and the CEO of SNCF Guillaume PEPY have confirmed they will be at the opnening. Alongside several artist of the project Louis Masaï, B Toy. Solylaisse, Artiste Ouvrier, Gregos, Dourone, Jérôme Mesnager, Fafi, Koralie and SP 38.
I will enter the project on 22 of June and rock my part live and direct untill 30 of June.