Who am I? Who are you? Who is Baske ToBeTrue?

A wise man once said: „Become who you are.“
So truely to the point that it is the greatest challenge for a human being to find out who he or she is. If one was sitting in front of oneself, maybe one had a clue. But as long as the mind is stuck within the tired body, it works with the hands and looks at its creation.

Baske ToBeTrue almost always paints Baske.
The archetype of graffiti lies in the permanent repetition of the own name. The only word that terms our identity. What might look on the outside like a power struggle between the egos, can turn out to be quite the opposite when taking a closer look: the overcoming of the ego.

A constant struggle with the unknown in oneself, just there, where everyone can see it. But not everyone will notice it while passing by and carrying out the own struggles.

Baske is free. Authenticity doesn’t come along with the negation of trends, but following the mass, it is easy to get lost within. One can only obey rules and norms as long as there is no ability to create own ones. Hip Hop, Graffiti, Street Art, Modernity – terms for concepts that enable dialogues.
But at the same time they are all chains that have to be removed, for the sense of freedom.

Baske ToBeTrue is Baske ToBeTrue. Born 1975 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

BaskeTobetrue_Portofolio_2015 (2)