Baske // New York // Evolution World Finals

Well the next couple of days my path brings me to New York. I will attend the Evolution World Finals. A Breakin event with history between me an him. Already in 2006 Team Combo did in conjunction with Spinkings, Landratsamt Karlsruhe and a European Qualification. Over the Years i was involved in European as in Worldfinals of Evolution. 2009 in Atlanta i painted with local writers the backdrop of the scenario.
This time, like i know, but you never know, i am just „special“ guest at the 2015 Finals.


If you around the area…check it out. If not check the Live Stream from the finals. Link will be present the day of the event at

More general information:

A need to see is the magnificant trailer for Evolution2015. Inspired by the movie „The Warriors“.
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