Baske ToBeTrue // CANvas Same Same But Different Project // Clip

9 international Graffiti Artist took part in the „CANvas Same Same But Different“ project. Initialized by Sebastian Bauer and his label Farbfehler. Turbo, Ceon, Dö, Mism, Treze, Leim, Stom, Wise and Baske ToBeTrue worked on the same surface to show the diversity which lies in each one.

The part of Baske is connected with the clip which is filmed and edited by Mario Hegewald. As well with the music which is composed by Patrick Zylka / Zentire Music.
Making of Pictures of Baske´s action, done by Paul Gärtner // Typ X Tatse:

The full documentry of the project:

Farbfehler // Baske ToBeTrue // Mario Hegewlad // Team Combo
Production //
Film & Edit // /
Music & Sound /
Set //