I started to get in touch with graffiti and especialy with the hip hop culture in the mid of the 80´s . My older brother was hooked with the „Breakdance“ hype in 1984. That was when i first saw him doing the famous worm in his room. Back then i didnt had any clue what he was doing. But since them i saw more and more people in the hood going down in the disciplines of Hip Hop. The Hood was full of tags. Electric Boogie and Rap started to become the soundtrack of our neighbourhood. But i dont consider myself as active part of the culture untill the 90´s. I tried all…Rap, Djíng and breaking but finally i started to do my thing…Graffiti! Since 1992 i took it serious. The years before it was just a kind of incubation time. Since end of the 80´untill 1998 i use multiple names, tags. My first piece with the name Baske i did in 1998. Since them it not only became my alter ego, it become part of my personality.  Baske ToBeTrue