Ghetto Soul 8 Mannheim

On september 16 / 17th the True Rokin Soul held up in cooperation with Spielraum e.V. the Ghetto Soul Edition No. 8 in Mannheim, Germany.

Invited guest for the jam came from all over the planet, as you can see on the line up.
DJ´s //  Skillkid (TRS-Brothers Rockwell/Germany), Plash one (Stylowa spolka spolem/Poland)
Breaking Judges // B-girl Hurricane (Just4Rockers/France),  InTact (Ruffneck Attack/Ukraine),  B-Boy Aya (Mighty Zulu Kingz/Taiwan)
Funkstyle Judges // Izaskun (ATF Collective/Spain), Stockos (Avengers crew/France),  Poppin Snow (Taiwan)
Graffiti Action // Turbo (Istanbul, Turkey), Gooze (Krasnodar, Russia), Treze (Barcelona, Spain), Baske ToBeTrue (Karlsruhe), Inca (Berlin), Word (TRS, Mannheim), Mary one (Lemacs, Mannheim)
Host of the night was  AD (TRS-Resoulution/Germany).
The Funk Band OuttaSpace crew (Germany) was of the hook and will be for sure in my memory.

I teamed up for the graff part with my mates Turbo, Treze and Gooze.
TherResult you can see below. As well as the vlog / clip of Turbo he recorded at that day.
Enjoy the images and dont miss the 9th edition of Ghetto Soul in 2017.

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