Thanks to the Karlsruhe city birthday event i had the possibility to bring my artwork on the city most known building.
I was contacted by the officials and producing agencys, the idea was to produce some images that will be projected on the surface.The castle of Karlsruhe.
As born and raised in this city, i never thought that i will get one day the honor.

Did i have any regulations?
Actually it was planned that meanwhile the projection a orchestra is playing live a classic piece of music. Due to the weather conditions at the event day, it was not possible for the orchestra to perfom. Beside of that i had only to intigrate the theme „Kunst / Freiheit“ Art / Freedom.

I was thinking quit a while how and what.
Baske ToBeTrue almost always paints Baske. The archetype of graffiti lies in the permanent repetition of the own name. The only word that terms our identity. What might look on the outside like a power struggle between the egos, can turn out to be quite the opposite when taking a closer look: the overcoming of the ego.
The overcoming, or to have the goal to overcome the ego is for me a big step to freedom. And if you have the freedom to choose…at that point, for me you are able to create art.
I actually dont like the word art that much. For me it has become a taste of hidding and explanations. So the quote „Kunst ist ein Konstrukt“, Art is a construction was borned.
Followed by: „In der eigenen Interpretation legitim – Legitim in der Fehlinterpretation“. Legitimate in their own interpretation – Legitimate in misinterpretation.

So i continued on this project the fight with my ego and added my thoughts on art and freedom. My personal goal was also to tell a story of graffiti- writing. Using forms from tag´s to throw up´s, wildstyle and to breaking it all down to forms, 3D and abstractions. A story of the evolution of style. With the absolutely freedom of decision.

We produced the images in a studio. The post production arranged it to the format and played a bit around to fit it to the time and music of the show.

Making of:

All in all it was and is some surrealistic moment to see it live and direct. As to see the images.
Without to be cheesy. I would like to thank all involved and supporting sides. A ego is nothing without other egos!